Is Employee Retention worrying you? Make 4 Simple Changes to Boost Agile Engagement

Are you losing sleep over employee retention?

Here are just 4 simple changes to retain employees proactively and improve overall experience of employees for better engagement and productivity.

It has been constantly proven that engaged employees are most unlikely to leave the company as their internal state of mind; physical, mental and emotional that binds together the work effort, commitment and satisfaction is Positive. According to Gallup, highly engaged organizations see 51% less turnover

Here are four changes you can make to your employee engagement strategy that can help improve retention:

Change 1: Ditch annual employee engagement survey.

Here’s why: Running a survey only once a year means insights arrive too late to serve today’s dynamic, fast-moving workplaces.

Change 2: Stop fixing engagement challenges for your former employees.

Here’s why: Relying only on exit interviews means you’re reflecting on history instead of focusing on needs of current employees.

Change 3: Leave one-size-fits-all strategy.

Here’s why: Engagement is heavily affected by what’s going on inside individual business units, teams, locations and keeps changing with changes in their Tenure, Role, Manager, Levels and more.

Change 4: Stop trying to solve everything through Strategic Initiatives.

Here’s why: Trying to solve everything as Strategic Initiative consumes too much time and bandwidth whereas most employee concerns are at individual level related to process, location, manager, team, lack of communication etc which could be solved swiftly by HR Partner much more efficiently at grass root level.

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