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Meet Nikki,

She is the Employee Experience Assistant who interacts with your employees throughout their journey and proactively identifies people who are Unhappy Disengaged in Risk of Leaving

People Driven Organizations who trust us

about us is A.I powered Employee Experience and Analytics Platform helping Leaders listen to, analyze and act on employee feedback in real-time for better engagement, performance and retention. 

Nikki, connects with Employees and listens them personally all through the journey (On-boarding to Exit), analyzes their state of mind, generates actionable insights in real time and enables HR / Leaders to take data driven informed, effective proactive actions.

Humanized interactions

We understand that each Organization and each person is different therefore Platform has incarnated first of its kind Engagement Assistant configurable by Organizations to help them deliver personalized experience to employees in line with their Culture.
Nikki (Virtual Engagement Assistant) not only listens to people at all possible touch points during end to end employee journey but also responds them empathetically to build culture of inclusivity with a Human-Touch.


Our Platform is built on behavioral science principles and organizational models validated through extensive research & our decades of experience running right through interactions, measurements and actions to deliver results which matters, in Real-time

Artificial Intelligence

revolutionary technology

We deliver insights surfacing risks, opportunities and recommendations in real time. Our AI for HR technology combines proprietary algorithms, Natural Language Processing (Sentiment and Intent Analysis from free text feedback) and Machine Learning to save you time and build capabilities for informed decision making.


“Most organizations want to create a culture of inclusiveness where each employee succeeds, but they struggle to communicate with each employee and translate their feedback into timely, effective actions.
At, everything we do is designed to help people driven organizations increase employee engagement, performance and retention by leveraging psychology and modern technology.”

humanizing and Improving Employee Experience at Scale

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Feedback Collected
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Employees in Risk Retained

To Win in Marketplace you Must Win in Workplace first”

Auto Connect

Connect with employees anywhere anytime throughout their journey (On-Boarding to Post-Exit)

Humanized Interactions

We not only help leaders listen to employees but also respond empathetically through humanized and personalized interactions

People Science

Ask Intelligent questions personally from our extensive People Science Framework or build your own to understand State of Mind and collect actionable feedback

Real Time Insights

Get Real time insights into Engagement, eNPS, Mood, Risk of Leaving and Employee Sentiments (Text Analysis)

Advanced Segmentation

Deep dive on performance of Factors and Drivers effecting engagement for all possible segments on a single screen

Predictive Analytics

Reap benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to take Proactive Actions


Easy integration with existing HR Systems and communication channels like EMail, SMS, WhatsApp and more..

Enterprise Ready

Highly Secured, Flexible, Scaleable & Accessible

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It has never been more important than now to connect with your Employees with a human touch, get real-time insights into their mental well-being and take proactive actions to keep them excited, motivated and inspired

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