Measure and improve Employee Engagement with...

Stay On Top Of Your Organization’s Health

Great Employee Experience leads to  loyal and satisfied Employees. When you provide exceptional employee experience, your employees are more engaged, wants to stay with you for long and are more productive.

Umwelt.ai helps you not only in listening to your employees through out their journey but also responding them empathetically, analyzes all aspects effecting employee experience in real-time, predict employees who can leave before they leave and help you take effective, proactive actions to deliver exceptional employee experience.

Listen to your Employees Regularly

Configure Employee Journeys. Connect Regularly. Personalize, Humanize interactions

The first step towards delivering exceptional experience to your employees is listening to them empathetically with a human-touch.

Set-up regular touch points to listen to your employees personally through out their journey from On-Boarding to Post Exits. Nikki is trained to manage all complex schedules and listen to your employees empathetically to deliver humanized experience. Its Intelligent, Personalized and Humanized

Get Real-Time Visibility

Start with a Bigger Picture

Visualize holistic performance of all Key Performance Indicators of Employee Experience – Engagement Level, eNPS Score, Mood, Response Rate, Risk of Leaving Prediction, Actions Taken; for Entire Organization on a single Screen.

Interactive dashboards and graphs helps Leaders and HR Partners drill down into data as deep as they want as per their Roles, maintaining confidentiality and at the same time giving  them visibility into health of their teams. Its Predictive, Interactive and Fast

Unearth Employee Sentiments

Identify Sentiments. Unearth topics hidden in Text Feedback

Employees Sentiments are biggest reflection of hidden emotions.

Empower HR with SentSense; our inhouse NLP engine to analyze sentiments reflected and the topics spoken about in text statements given by employees, giving you deep insights on What is working well and What needs improvement helping unearth hidden emotions.

Proactive Actions

Get Alerts on Risks. Take Personalized Actions

Empower your HR with predictive risk analysis and personalized insights to help them take informed, effective, proactive actions; letting your employees know that you care for their well-being and build People First Culture. Its Predictive, Personalized, Preemptive

Measuring and Improving Employee Experience at Scale

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Feedback Collected
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Employees in Risk Retained

Give your Employees a human touch

3 easy Steps to deliver exceptional experience to your employees

Select Touch-Points

Select from our research based questions from behavioral science framework or build your own, select touch points, create employee groups you want to interact with and leave it to Nikki to initiate personalized interaction with each employee.

Interact Personally

Nikki, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, not only connects with and collects feedback from employees personally, but also responds empathetically, generates insights and identifies people who can leave in real-time.

Take Proactive Actions

Get Intelligent Insights in Real-time into overall Health of Organization, Analyze Trends as per Segments and take Preemptive Actions to keep your employees inspired, motivated and happy.

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