With conjunction of Gen X, Gen Y & Millenniums at workplace the dynamics of Human Resource is changing faster than ever before

In this article I am sharing top technology areas disrupting HR in 2019 & ahead: –

  • Feedback, Engagement & Analytics: –

Gone are the days when companies used to conduct annual surveys to find employee’s pulse & work on areas of improvement by doing long drawn projects.

New age employees are looking for more participative environment, their concerns heard & acted upon in real time.

Companies are looking for tools enabling them to have focused interactions on frequent basis & get analysis represented through simple to understand infographs / dashboards to enable HR / Management to take quick actions before employees move.

While ChatBots have not made much inroad in this direction it will be interesting to see dynamic ChatBot(s) to have conversation with each employee as per requirement of HR & get insights using Data Science / Artificial Intelligence

  • Continuous performance Management: –

Over last few years it has been proven that “Bell Curves” are not the only way to manage performance & forced ratings doesn’t help in developing a culture of performance.

Companies are now looking for tools which makes employee-managers interactions simple, agile & data driven making performance management transparent, agile & inclusive through regular feedback.

  • ERP & HCM moves to cloud & focusing on ESS: –

With the evolution of cloud, new age HCMs have become comparatively easy to implement taking lesser time.

Automation of processes like Employee Database Management, Leave & Attendance, Payroll was a buzz word till now, but, Organizations are no longer looking for only automation.

Companies are more concentrating on employee services rather than just automation of processes so new architecture of HCM looks more like “Team Management” rather than “Talent Management”.

ChatBots are here which seems to be a “Need” rather than an “Option” so wait for influx of ChatBots integrated with HCM softwares & be ready to enhance your skills to evaluate & train them.

  • People Analytics & Artificial
    Intelligence: –

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzz word & is going to evolve with each coming day.

While companies are looking to stay ahead by reaping benefits of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Natural Language Processing they will have to upskill HR to understand difference between Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.

During my conversation with many HR software vendors who proclaim Artificial Intelligence built in their systems I was able to find less than 10% of those actually using it in any form.

You can expect to see Intelligent Analytics to help making decisions right from hiring to changes in role to succession planning to development needs & much more in time to come. 

  • Recruitment & Assessment: –

Hiring right has always been one of the most important function of HR & with explosion of software solutions there are more choices available than ever before.

Video assessments, Social profiling, cultural profiling are the things to watch for to create right profiles & assess the candidates from open market against the same to make right match & save time of recruitment.

  • Workforce Productivity: –

Mobile enabled apps focusing on team-based communication are here to enhance productivity of employees.

Few examples are apps with features of geotagging, automated assignment of jobs, feeding updates, tracking productivity, marking attendance, sharing videos, sending alerts, etc

  • Reinvention of Corporate Learning: –

With increasing demand of people with new skills & up-skilling of existing employees HR will have to continue investments in learning & development more than before.  

Learning solutions based on Gamification, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality are making their need felt & there is a huge investment going on in this area to meet demand of the companies.

  • Employee Wellbeing: –

“Employee Wellness” which has been predominantly related to accident & insurance benefits is getting transformed to “Employee Wellbeing” focussing on continuous wellbeing of employees.

Apps related to measurement of health / stress / happiness are here offering online / offline solutions to contribute to continuous wellbeing. Eg – apps related to health risk assessments, health coaching, physical exercise, sleep, nutrition, financial health, personal relationships, etc   

  • Integrated Communication: –

Employees & managers are taking a charge of communication at workplace.

These social media look alike online platforms are making communications open, agile & self-controlled helping employees to learn from their groups, forums, peers with not much intervention of HR

  • Specialized Solutions & integration:

With evolution of technology & changing role of HR it has become imperative to focus on having specialized solutions rather than a full service platform with integrated architecture 

Companies would be looking at specific tools to solve specific problems with capability of simplified integration with existing tools & HCM, to give employees a seamless universal experience.

I am extremely overwhelmed to see this exponential movement in HR Technology which was long overdue & strongly believe that this will help HR to further enhance its image as a strategical function delivering tangible productivity matrix to the company same as Sales or Operations.

Please feel free to share your feedback, suggestions, ideas

I could also be reached at vishal.chopra@vquotient.com

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