Exclusive Study conducted by Umwelt.ai – “Work from Home Challenges posed to businesses by Covid-19 crisis”

As businesses over the world battle the impact of the global pandemic caused by COVID 19, one thing is for sure- this storm would have changed them forever. From business models to people’s strategy to the way we work, things are going to be radically different post this crisis.

To give HR Professionals and Leaders point of reference, Umwelt.ai (People Analytics & Employee Engagement Platform)) together with HRTX Consulting conducted this survey on “Work from Home challenges posed to businesses by Covid-19 crisis”

The main goals of this study were to:

  • How businesses are operating in Covid-19 crisis
  • How are they managing Work from Home
  • Challenges being faced
  • What is New Normal for Business Continuity

The majority of Respondents are HR Professionals from India and Philippines, and the participants represent a broad section of employers by number of employees with 200 to above 10000 employees in the Organization.  Over 60% of respondents represents companies with more than 500 Employees

Key findings: –

Major finding One: Work from home is the New Normal & Organizations are fast adapting to this transformation

  • 54% of Organizations are fully operating Work from home with another 38% using Skeleton manpower to report to office and Operating from home
  • More than 70% of Organizations having less than 200 employees have 100% employees Working from home

We were interested to know how Companies are operating in Post Covid19 pandemic situation and how well they have been able to respond to this unprecedented situation

We were further interested in finding out that how HR professionals are communicating with employees due to paradigm shift in the way we were working and communicating with employee till a month back and now when most of Employees are working from Home

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