5 Tips to take People Centric Approach to Engage with Employees in times of distress

Covid19 has changed the way businesses run across the Globe and HR / Leaders are grappling with questions like – How to keep people productive and successful during times of distress? How and what should we communicate with people during periods of uncertainty?

At Umwelt.AI, we strive to work towards bringing happiness to lives of people and make them more successful at work. We approach this with people centric philosophy – which means that we believe that Organizations Win or Lose based on their employees Experiences and organizations capability of keeping their people engaged at work.

This is an opportunity for Organizations to truly reflect upon their existing policies and processes to design them centered on needs of their people at work.

While there are many articles circulating to help organizations think about Business Continuity Planning, Risk prevention and tools to work from home, here are 5 essential tips to keep employees engaged in these times of distress, anxiety and uncertainty: –

1.Focus on Employee Well-Being

In times of pandemic causing uncertainty and distress, employees want to see if their leaders care about their Well-Being which has much larger impact on engagement than in usual times. So the Leaders have to make them believe that their well-being is of utmost importance by taking decisions which can deliver tangible results like – encouraging work from home, have flexible timings to let them manage personal & work life balance, enable them with tools to make their work easy, utilizing time for reskilling, giving paid off to employees who are ill and more such tangible actions   

2.Centralize Communication and Resources

Give people easy and faster access to information about policies, processes, initiatives, programs and updates from centralize Communication Channel and Resources to let them stay updated and engaged.

3.Make it Easy to Work

Most business are working remotely which for many of Roles they would have not done earlier. Support your teams with right tools to adapt to changing environment. This could mean allocating budgets for laptops, virtual meeting tools, project management tools, communication tools, etc

4.Conduct Frequent Pulse Check

Conversations are even more important in times of uncertainty to demonstrate empathy, encourage people and build trust. Support HR with personalized insights to have meaningful conversations and address personal challenges as there is personalized conversation are the key to showcase that “you Care” for your people.

5.Take actions and keep learning

Take actions on the feedback shared by the employees and keep addressing their challenges. Reflect on effectiveness of your actions and keep evolving by learning from their success and failures.

Each organization is unique so your approach needs to be tailored in a best possible way as per your very own environment. This is an opportunity for HR and Leaders to demonstrate that you recognize their contributions and are committed to their well being.

Will love to hear how it is working for your organization? and if there is any support you are looking for to keep your employees engaged.     




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