What is Employee Experience?

The phrase “employee experience” rose in popularity in 2017. In contrast to employee engagement, employee experience (EX) extends the approach to consider engagement at all touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle from the employee’s perspective. It encompasses the physical, technological and cultural environment of a business.

“Employee Experience is the sum of the various perceptions employees have about their interactions with each domain of the organisation in which they work.”

Olivier Dubuisson


 Why are Leaders focusing on Employee Experience?

In a highly competitive market of today it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Organizations to Attract and Retain talent. And with evolution of social media brand perception has become key when it comes to recruitment and retention.

With employees being much more selective in choosing the companies they will like to work for and accessibility of information, especially platforms like Glassdoor, Linkedin, AngelList, it is no longer an option, but an imperative to look at Employee Experience as competitive business advantage.


Advantages of Employee Experience are enormous from High Revenue to Higher NPS to Higher Customer Advocacy to Lower Turnover to Lesser Accidents to Lesser Absenteeism 

What should you do Improve Employee Experience?

To understand what we need to do to improve Employee Experience we need to first understand that Employee Experience is not only about Perks or Processes or Policies or technology. But it is the totality of all perceptions and experiences that employees go through during the complete journey.

Lisa Barrington of Phoenix, Ariz.-based Barrington Coaching pointed out. For practical purposes, the employee experience is the totality of experiences one has during the recruitment, employment, and post-employment phases of a job. This includes the interactions with others, the policies, procedures, and processes one faces, the culture of the organization, the total rewards (pay, benefits), the physical environment, and the job itself. The totality of all these factors large and small create an experience that ultimately influences the level of engagement an employee feels toward their employer.

Therefore, to understand Employee Experience, similar to CX we need create identical Employee personas and their journeys. This helps you personally connect with employees and look at their Experiences at each stage of Lifecycle from Hiring to Training to Performance to Growth to Moments that Matter to Exit


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How to assess and improve Employee Experience?

According to the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, while 84% of employers acknowledge the importance of positive employee experience, as little as 9% of organisations feel ready to address this issue.

With evolution of technology and data – Data Science, A.I, ChatBot, NLP, Cloud it has now become possible to not only reach-out to your employee personally, but, also to get real-time visibility into their experiences, beliefs, motivations and needs to take pre-emptive actions.

At Umwelt.ai, we believe:

“Most organizations want to create a culture of inclusiveness where each employee succeeds, but they struggle to communicate with each employee and translate their feedback into timely, effective actions.

At Umwelt.ai, everything we do is designed to help people driven organizations increase employee engagement, performance and retention by leveraging psychology and modern technology.”


EX Assessment Model

Employee Experience Assessment Model

We at Umwelt.ai have successfully built a model to measure your Employee Experience including Engagement, NPS, Mood and Sentiments (Free Text Analysis). Not only we help you in reaching out to your employees personally through humanized BOT throughout their lifecycle and provide you real-time visibility into your Employees Experience, but, also help you with predictive insights on “Employees who are about to Leave” to enable you to engage and retain them proactively.

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Vishal Chopra is the Founder & CEO of Umwelt.ai, a start-up that is disrupting employee engagement and experience. Umwelt is enabling humanized interactions, predictive insights, and pre-emptive actions to identify people who are unhappy, disengaged, and at the risk of leaving at scale.


Vishal has more than 20 years of experience in experience in human resources, management consulting and HR tech. Prior to founding Umwelt, he was the head of HR (Sr. Vice President), India for Home Credit. He is an acknowledged authority on employee experience and continuously thrives to work to bring happiness to lives of people by making them more successful at work.

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