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Engagement is not an EVENT, but a PROCESS

Umwelt.Ai combines humanized interactions, modern people science and revolutionary technology using AI for HR to improve Engagement, Retention and Productivity


Connect with each employee through focused interactions using People Science Framework and humanized interactions through Nikki (An Intelligent Virtual Assistant)


Transform large data into meaningful dashboards to generate predictive insights in Real-time


Proactively Act on areas of concerns of each employee to let them know that “You care”


Record actions in the system for continuous learning through Machine Learning

View Sentiments in TExt

Get to see sentiments hidden in free text by using TextSense (our Inhouse NLP) developed on back of decades of functional experience

Learn and Validate

Use recommendations validated by the system to improve results of your actions

All in one Employee Experience Platform

Choose the perfect plan


(Ideal for 200 - 500 employees)

Starts @ $599 per month


(Ideal for 500 - 2000 Employees)

Starts @ $1249 per month


(Ideal for above 2000 Employees)


*All Plans are calculated per employee basis and billed Annually


Got a Question?

Here are answers to few Frequently Asked Questions we come across

Our Platform is built on Organizational Structures and behavioral science principles integrated with an Intelligent ChatBot(Nikki) and AI for HR to not only connect with Employees as per complex schedules, but also to respond them empathetically, translate their feedback into actionable Insights in Real time and help HR / Leaders take Proactive actions.

We are the only Employee Experience Platform covering complete life cycle of employee experience from Automated Interventions -> Humanized Interactions -> Real-Time Insights -> Proactive Actions -> Continuous Learning

Nikki is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant designed to execute most complex of Organizations communication schedules and structures.

You can schedule interventions by creating touch points as per tenure of employees Or on set periods (eg, Weekly, monthly, Quarterly,etc) OR Post Exit or on completion of any Event.

Not only this, but, you can create your own coherts to map interventions to the employees as per the coherts they belong to and Nikki automatically sends employees email / sms whenever interaction with them is due giving them personalized experience while maintaining confidentiality and uniformity.

Umwelt,ai is ChatBot and AI Powered Platform to improve Employee Experience and we understand that proactive actions are most important to improve experiences.

Our Next Generation technology helps the Platform deliver you all the insights faster than ever to help you take Real-time actions.

Our Platform has been built with an objective to make interactions with employees accessible at scale and therefore we will love to have you more and more interactions with your employees without any restriction applied under any of our Plans 

Yes, all Plans have only indicative number of Employees it is ideal for as per our research.

In case you will like to avail features of a particular Plan you can opt for the One at Start Price of that particular Plan and avail features of that particular plan

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade the plan on end of subscription cycle.

All Plans are calculated monthly and billed Yearly Pre-paid.

Suppose you had taken Pro+ for Year July20 – Jun21, you can change the Plan by informing your Account manager or writing to us at before Invoice for next cycle is raised.

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