Keeping your Organization

Safe Resilient Productive

Stay On Top Of Your Employee Health And minimize Risks

With multiple waves of Covid19 threatening to again disrupt businesses; containing spread of Covid19, taking care of employees health and keeping business running are 3 big challenges each company is preparing for.

Covid PreSense is an Intelligent Predictive Solution from to help you get vital Insights into your Employees Health in real-time and interact with employees who need your help proactively to minimize Risks and stay Productive in these unprecedented times.

Humanized Employee Interactions

gauge Risks Proactively. Interact Personally. Humanize Experience

Nikki, an Intelligent Employee Engagement Assistant, not  only connects with and collects feedback from employees, but also responds them empathetically and diagnoses Covid19 Risk as per WHO’s guidelines in real-time helping HR save more than 20X of their time and effort. Its Humanized, Personalized and Intelligent

All-In-One Employee Dashboard

Keep your Employees updated on their and their Colleagues Health. Share all vital Information

Remove Anxieties of your Employees by giving them a single platform to check their health, update their status, connect with their colleagues who are facing health challenges and get all vital information about Covid in All-In-one Employee Dashboard

Oraganization's Health Dashboard

Monitor Health. Identify Priorities. Get Powerful Insights. Take Preemtive Actions. All in One Platform

Our Platform uses Inhouse NLP and Al to bring to you Powerful Insights into health of your Organization at super human speed while following best health practices in current pandemic crisis to keep you on top of unprecedented situations for faster, effective actions.  

We are with You in this fight against Covid19

None of us ever experienced these Unprecedented Times before and are still struggling to get on Top of this new normal.
Our Platform aims to keep you connected with each of your employee and get you stay safe and productive during these difficult times.

How does Covid PreSense Work?

3 easy Steps to engage employees, monitor organization’s health and take Preemptive Actions to stay Safe, Resilient and Productive

Select Touch-Points

Use Intelligent Scheduling and Employee Mapping to automate connect with employees

Interact Personally

Nikki, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, not only collects vital information personally, but also responds empathetically and guides employees on dealing with Risk(s) to keep them Safe, Engaged and Productive.

Take Preemptive Actions

Get Intelligent Insights in Real-time into overall Health of Organization, Analyze Trends as per Segments and take Preemtive Actions to stay safe and productive

Grab the Plan with
Flat Start Price Now

We have built this for our Community;  lets’s get each Organization prepared for Safe and Productive environment. Buy the Plan at Flat Minimum Rate till 15th  May 2021 and keep our Nation / Organizations / Employees afloat

Days remaining for an Offer


We have the Plan for Everyone to keep you Safe


Starts from
$ 299 Per Month
  • Ideal for 100 to 500 Employees


Starts from
$ 499 Per Month
  • Ideal for 501 to 1000 Employees


Starts from
$ 999 Per Month
  • Ideal for 1000+ Employee

Here is what you get in each Plan


Got a Question?

Here are answers to few Frequently Asked Questions we have come across

PreSense acts as Arogya Setu for Organizations specifically built to provide Organizations with Predictive insights to keep them safe, operational and productive.

The vital difference is that it helps you in scheduling interactions, consolidating complete data of your Employees and getting you vital Insights in Real-time to help you take proactive actions, be prepared for unprecedented situations and evolve for a new normal.

Once the Intervention is activated by the Admin, Employees will start receiving auto notifications as per scheduled Intervals through email / sms channels (As per chosen Plan) to get assessed.

Employees could also go to their page and use “Take Assessment Now” to submit there assessment at any time to give them flexibility to get real-time assessment and guidelines to stay safe.

PreSense is built by Umwelt,ai which is ChatBot and AI Powered Platform to improve Employee Experience.

Next Generation technology helps the Platform deliver you all the insights faster than ever to help you take Real-time actions.

Yes, all Plans have only indicative number of Employees it is ideal for as per our research.

In case you will like to avail features of a particular Plan you can opt for the One at Start Price of that particular Plan and avail features of that particular plan

Yes, you can always downgrade or upgrade the plan.

All Plans are calculated monthly and billed Quarterly in advance.

Suppose you had taken Pro+ for Quarter July to September, you can change the Plan by informing your Account manager or writing to us at on or before 30th September for Quarter October to December

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